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Back to the good old days?

Just wondering if it's worth using this place again, as farcecrack is getting more and more problematic..... So how's about it, what are your thoughts?

This is where my current fan page is hosted: http://www.facebook.com/The.Druidess.Of.Midian

A quick catch up...

Just so's you know, I'll likely be moving my blog elsewhere, just because LJ no longer meets my needs, it doesn't interface as well as I'd like and tbh, I'm busier over on my FB fanpage, which peeps seem to prefer visiting. (Well, FB has taken the world by storm and most peeps seem to be addicted to it...)

Soooooo....  What have I been up to of late? I have to admit, not an awful lot, and though I have completed two very successful photoshoots (each over a couple of days, shooting lots of clothing...) I've kept my workload minimal for the time being as my M.E. and Fibromyalgia have been somewhat evil through the colder months. But now that the warmer weather is picking up, I intend to get back on with my creative work and start setting and accomplishing more goals!  ;-)  And yes, many of them do involve my Gentleman Pirate!  Well, he is very good for my wellbeing, keeping me happy in all manor of wonderful ways! He even whisked me off to Harrogate for a long weekend staying in a 5* hotel, he spoilt me rotten the entire time and all in Celebration of my 30th Birthday in February!  *^_^* To say that I'm a very happy Druidess would be an understatement!  *^_^*

Anyhoo, I must get to bed! I have plenty of shenanigans planned for tomorrow, and even more prep for my upcoming adventures, so, watch this space! Actually, you'd probably be better off checking in and 'Liking' my Facebook  fan page  http://www.facebook.com/The.Druidess.Of.Midian

Obviously, this is a shameless plug! Please follow the link below to the SGD's profile on Facebook, and 'Like' the photo I've sumbitted!

Cheers!  *^_^*

Writer's Block: You're my best friend

If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?

Well, that one's easy! A beautiful Pegasus! I'd shrink her/him down small enough to fit in my pocket or hand bag. Then,when I'm ready, I'd bring out my Pegasus - let it get to it's proper size, then ride away!  *^_^*

An animal that would truely make me feel free! I've often dreamt of such a creature, and often drew them and had toys of them. I soooo badly wanted a Pegasus to find me and let me ride away with them.

Writer's Block: Leading a horse to water

Should parents be held responsible for the criminal actions of their teenage children?

I'd have to say no, they should not! How else is society supposed to route out all the ill doing in this world, and put the offenders in the right place - so that they can receive all the right councilling etc. People aren't just thown in a jail cell to rot anymore! If a kid does something terrible / criminally wrong, they need to be taught how to understand that and also how to cope. Only then do they have a chance of living a proper and productive life!

If parents are continually held responsible for the kids actions - the parents would be convicted and punished, the message wouldn't be getting through to them! - It might even give the wrong idea's to kids, if they want to get one up on their parents, they'll commit a crime, knowing that their parents'll have to take the wrap! It should be the kids that are punished for their own crimes. If - while the kid is in prison, they find out that a parents actions or inactions have been the cause of their childs criminal activity, then action can be taken against them.

In a perfect world, people would teach their kids basic day-to-day morels, respect, etiqutte and social skills necisarry to lead a healthy and productive life! But this world is far from perfect, and many kids 'grow up' at a very young age - some being far more mature and responcible then their so called parents! 

Writer's Block: Oh no not I

When was the first time that you stood up for yourself? Were your actions justifiable? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

Cripes, aaaages ago! I think I was about 3 years old, in the play school on the estate I lived in. There was a horrid spiteful little girl who had a thing for randomly biting whoever was near her. She bit my arm, so I bit hers - harder.  *^_^*  That stopped her!   Yes it was justified - the staff never did anything to stop her, so I did!  *^_^*

There was another horrid little girl there too - I remember she always looked like an old cat lady, even at 3! She decided to grab a paint brush covered in paint and splodge it all over my new summer dress, (my parents were very, very poor at the time - I knew they had to save up for that dress - so I was far from amused!!!) so I grabbed the tin of paint she was using, and poured it, all over her head!!!...  Big nasty, sticky mess, but made a point!  ;o)  The paint never came out of that dress, it was ruined... The paint never came out of her hair either...  Little 3 yr old cat lady had to have a very crappy hair cut as a result... She also never painted on anyone ever again...  Justified? Frakk yeah!!!  *^_^*

I've had to stand up for myself many times since then, in many different ways. I've never regretted standing up for myself, I've done it countless times before, and by 'eck I'll do it again! *^_^*

Woe betide *ANYONE* who tries to treat me like crap or stomp me down, this outwardly placid lady has a flip side when needed, and it's fueled with Prussian, Spanish and a wee bit o' Scottish blood - so there's a nasty temper back there to be released, but only when I really, really need it!  ;o)

I Can Has Hitler Cat???!!1

Yes ladytypes and gentlmeeps, you too can have your very own Hitler Cat!!! (Well, as well as other poor little moggys needing a good, loving home!)

Here I present for your viewing pleasure - the Blue Cross' very own Nazi Dictator, the Hitler Cat!!! - or - as they like to call her, "Betsy"

Hitler Cat!!! / Betsy

If you'd like to give a moggy, or other well deserving critter a home, click here to find out more...

Belated Updated...

Hmmm, it's been quite a while since I've had a chance to pop over here, I don't get much time to go on the internet at the mo, what with working on the house, College work and everything else I seem to be getting involved with, (I'm a regular grease monkey now, I no longer need to take my car to a garage to get it serviced, Nikky n I do it ourselves!!!).

Anyhoo, the house *should-hopefully* be sold within the next few months, so we should be moving fairly soon *crosses fingers*. If we get the house and land we like, it'll be a hub for photoshoots and the like, due to it's lay out and position, it's in a key location for Nikky and I and if we play our cards right, it'll earn a great income too! (All hush-hush though until all is finalised!)

I'm looking forward to moving out with Nikky, to starting a new life together and getting back into my old interests and hobbies. I'm long over due a photoshoot or five, so watch this space! I've got a shoot planned for Nikky and I tomorrow morning with gothindulgence , somewhere pretty in Whitby. After that, we'll be flouncing about old Whitters, and actually chilling out for a bit!

I've got some old friends and their 2 daughters here at the mo, they've only just quietened down, this house is like a fairytale dream for them to play in, so they always get excited! The Puppies have just chased a pair of pheasants down the lawn, luckily the pheasants we're pretty fast - they escaped into the neighbouring field!

Righty-ho, time for a quick cuppa tea, then I need to finish the gardening, then clean up the kitchen n start making Toffee Tart for later tonight! (My mums secret recipe, I've only just been allowed access to it!)


PS, I'm also very miffed about Pete Steele of Type O negative dying the other week. He was my all time favourite singer! RIP Pete, rest ye well! 

WGW?! We needs a room!!!

Help! We needs a room!!!
Okies, here's the thing, after much deliberating and sorting of funds my Fiancé and I have just managed to make ourselves available for the WGW this October - we'd like to stay the Friday and Saturday night (possibly including the Thursday or Sunday if required). We're having no luck what-so-ever in finding any accommodation and phone calls to all and sundry are proving to be useless as well as boring!

Are there any of you lovely fellow goths out there who could offer us a bed or floor for the nights in question? We're happy to pay our way, and if we're to be sharing I can certainly gain personal references if required! We're part of the York Gothic Scene, and I'm well known for my work as a longstanding Gothic Model "Druidess Of Midian."

Many thanks!

Druidess Of Midian and Nikolai - Rasputin's Legacy.

*Update* Still no frakkin' luck, but might have found somewhere awesome for April's WGW instead... We'll still go along for a day in any case, but would have been nicer to go for longer, as we intend to move in the spring, we fancied doing a little house hunting... ;o)

*Update 2* Hoorahhhh!!! We has found a B&B!!! it's 6 miles out of Whitby, but we dont care!!! Yay!!! We'll be there Thursday to Sunday! Anyone wanna meet up, message me / comment here and we'll arrange something! Those of you who have my mobile number, use it! ;o) See you later you bunch o doity goffs!!! ;)

D x ;o)


Writer's Block: Take Your Chances

Do you think people deserve second chances?

I know I've done this one before, but I felt there was an important point I missed...

If someone sends you a death threat, wether directly or through a 3rd party, that person is no longer someone to be trusted. I've had dealings with someone of that ilk, he's tried to wead his way into my life after doing so, who want's my help with something and expects to get it, even though he's treated me like shit, left me for dead once and threatened to take my life and the life of my partner?! Yeah, right!

He know's who he is, he can go to hell and stay there for all I care!
Yes, I'm all moved in to the mansion and settled now, things took a little longer then planed due to a very unusual and unexpected hiccup,chel_logan akar_a_v_e_nsblood and I have parted ways. Pretty much as soon as I'd packed, shifted our stuff and unpacked it, things became sour between us. I won't divulge details here, those who need to know do, so all I'll say is this... Chel has changed so completely in so short a time I no longer recognise him, he's no longer the lad I fell in love with a year ago, and yes, we split up the day after our 1st anniversary.

I shan't lay the entire blame at his door, there are mistakes I made also, I should have been firmer with him, I should have persisted in directing him on the right path for himself and us, but my love for him left me weak, I wanted to trust him. There's a lot about the last fortnight that I'm unhappy with, but I'm not giving up on what I want to achieve in this lifetime, I have my own goals and aspirations, if I can find a suitable partner in the meantime I'll be happy, that doesn't mean I'm out looking for another lad just yet though.
Hmmmm, perhaps I'd better use a different terminology, as lads are just that bit too immature for me. I need to be with someone who has similar sensibilities to myself, who has a degree of etiquette, who doesn't suffer from any overbearing vices, and who is in touch with his inner self.

I'm involved in a large scale restoration project now, it was part of the deal for moving to my friends mansion and keeping the rent low. My good friend Nikolai still needs to finish the house so's he can sell it and move on, I won't let him or myself down, I made a commitment to help him through to the end, I'm keeping that promise - I run from nothing! I started working on the renovation last week with Nikky and I'm thoroughly enjoying every minute of it, there's so much for me to learn here, it's helping me to grow!

I wish Chel the best in what he chooses to do with his life, and hope he gets the help he needs to bury the demons of his past. I did what I could for him but unless he's willing to sort things out he'll never heal... He's told everyone that I've been 'brainwashed by an older man' all my friend has ever done is stood by me and offered us a decent home when we needed one, he's not going to take that away from me just because Chel's not in the picture any more.

Right, now then, onwards and upwards for me, I had a fab all day shoot and stop over at a very posh golf lodge on Friday, spent Saturday with my folks and Bro, today I'm visiting some good friends and Monday I drive home to The Hall via Nikky's sister's to pick up a sewing machine she's lending me... Soooo... Busy!!! ;o)

Writer's Block: Take Your Chances

Do you think people deserve second chances?

That all depends on what they've done, if it's a minor mishap and they're apologetic, then yes, but for those who go out of their was to frakk over someone with no just cause? They get sent to the guillotine!

I cut the wheat from the chaff in my life about a year ago, my life has improved drastically since then, so what does that tell you? ;o)

Pure genius!

Admirion Shoot...

Aye, that's right, Will and I finally got round to working together after having to wait some very long months for some free time and good weather, and I must say, we both felt it was well worth the wait!

For ages now I've wanted to experiment with Infra-Red technology in my work, so finding someone who knows what he's doing in that field was initially troublesome, to my knowledge the only IR photographers about where based in the USA... :o( Luckily for me - that wasn't so! Through chatting with my good friend fracture242 I realised that Will had a talent there and would be able to help me!

Will is a very fast processor when it comes to photo's he's pleased with, I've already received 14 Infra-Red images from today, literally within a couple of hours of him returning home!!! Here are a few of them!

Within the Abbey

Within the Abbey

More pics here...Collapse )

The set can bee seen in its entirety here: Admirion Set

So far the move is going very well, chel_logan  and I have have been taking car loads over to our new home over the last couple of days, as our new landlord was more then happy for us to move in nigh on instantly! Tomorrow our new Landlord is coming over to Castle Styles to help us shift our bulkier items, as he owns a rather nice large estate car.

Righty-ho, more packing for me, then in 30 mins I'm off to walk chel_logan  home from work, will be nice to catch a stroll with him before we crack on!

Well now, what have I been up to huh?

Recently I joined a Viking re-enactment group with chel_logan , so I've been rather busy with that. When I'm not training or performing with them, I'm shooting their promotional material (pics to come later). I had a commissioned shoot yesterday for the York Scooter Society Rally at the Bay Horse pub, they wanted some decent group and single shots to remember the day by, the local press didn't bother showing up (even though they were given plenty of notice by the group...) so it's a good job I was there really! Those pics to follow soon!

Well, as some of you know I took a trip up to Scotland last month for some modelling work, I was hired by some amazing people on my visit, one of which offered me a bed at his own home so's to save me booking into a B&B, little did I expect to be put in the lap of luxury! He owns a lovely enormous house, slap bang on the outskirts of Edinburgh, I was greeted with a lovely warm welcome and tea on flow, home made lasagne for dinner (was delicious!) good red wine and a Bengal Cat called Stryder who decided I was his new best friend!

More on my Scotland trip including Art Nude Pics!!! Not Safe For Work!!!Collapse )

As some of you already know, chel_logan and I are due to move home shortly, we've outgrown our space at Castle Styles and desperately need to live somewhere that'll offer us enough room to have our much loved friends stay over - well, we've found the place on the outskirts of York!
A local Goth friend of ours offered us a house share with him, he needs the company and has plenty of room for us. He offered us the top floor of his house - which is damn generous so we arranged to visit him and see the place. (We'd not been round to his before as the occasion never called upon it...)
Soooo, last Tuesday morning we head round there, croissants in hand to share breakfast and have a nose around... Turns out our rather modest friend owns a local historical Victorian Gothic Mansion - outright!

Marmite Mansion!!!

Only pic we have at the mo - will take some better ones once we've moved in!!!)

The top floor of the house is a wonderful apartment (originally the servants quarters), there's plenty of space and spare bedrooms too! It's an aga heated home - so we'll never have to worry if there'll be enough hot water for everyone (or if the heating will work! lol!), and the house is sat on approx 4 acres of land! So every spare moment we get - we'll be packing our stuff and getting ready for the move! :o)


Update!!! We've got the move in date for Monday 23rd March! Busy busy!!! *^_^*

Regarding Modern Issues Awareness...

I'm currently working with a team of models, photographers and friends to help raise awareness of modern problems and often taboo subjects including; domestic violence, money problems, mass consumption, social inequality and social abandonment.

Today chel_logan  and I worked with one of our ever patient and awesome house mates on the topic of  Pornography Addiction.

Porn Kills Love

Models: Agent Scully & Druidess Of Midan
MUA: Reflections Of Midian
Photography / Editing chel_logan  / Essence Of M 

Please feel free do discuss your thoughts and opinions regarding this topic and also - the image we captured today. There will be more from this set later on.

You all knew it was coming...

Since my turn of fortunate events last March, my portfolio has been diversifying like never before, with new realms of wacky, weird and wonderful and a burst of art nude and epic stories...
Now I take a leaf from our good friend Bex's book and strut my stuff, in Drag! I've done it briefly over the years and even acted in drag too (a geak and a chav *shudders*) so I'm quite used to 'slipping' into a male character Oooooh-err! and throwing my femininity to the wayside in the name of art. (Or just pratting about for the fun of it!)

One of Chel's long standing buddies has been itching to get in a shoot with us for yonks, so when the time came that we were all free - we got to it, and set about being Girlie-Spiv-Chaps for the day, tweed and pipe all inclusive! ;o)

Here's a few of my favourite shots from the day!

Spying the Time
Spying the time...

The rest of the pictures are behind the cut - it's picture heavy and a couple aren't safe for work!

More Spivvy-Chappet Goodness! *NSFW!*Collapse )

Models: Beth & Myself (Druidess_Of_Midian)
MUA: Me (Reflections_Of_Midian)
Wardrobe: Models own.
Photography & Editing chel_logan (Essence)

Oh Foo'ark! Looky what I just found!

This was found hiding in the crypts of my external hard drive (doing some spring cleaning to make room for this years work)...

It was taken in August 2006! Was just the Girls though, dunno why the photographer didn't make good use of the one male model I dragged along! ;o)

1st Nocturnal Magazine Group Shot

Do you recognise anyone here? lol!

Photo by Dean White

Joke time! ;oP

A German guy approaches a lady of the night.

'I vish to buy seeex viz you.'

'OK,' says the girl, 'I'll charge 20 an hour.'

'..ist goot, but I must varn you, I am little kinky.'

'No problem,' she replies cautiously, 'I can do little kinky.'
So off they go to the girl's flat, where the German produces four large bedsprings and a duck caller.

'I vant zat you tie ze springs to each of your Hans und knees.'

The girl finds this most odd, but complies, fastening the springs as he had said, to her hands and knees.

'Now you vill get on your Hans und knees.'

She duly does this, balancing precariously on the springs.

'You vill please to blow zis kwacker as I make love to you.'

She finds it odd, but figures it's harmless (and the guy is paying.)

She finds the sex is fantastic, as she is bounced all over the room by the energetic German, all the time Honking on the duck caller. The climax is the most sensational that she has ever experienced and it is Several minutes before she has enough breath to say,

'That was totally amazing, what do you call that position ?'

'Ah,' says the German . . .'zat is ze...

Zat is ze.....Collapse )


The Pagan Yule Festival...

Was spent with our Pagan family down in Barry Island, South Wales, i.e, the inhabitants of Castillo Sirensong. Along with the residents there within, our good friends and fellow like minded family members Matt (The Viking Miller) and Mark (Purple nips)and Suze where there to enjoy the festivities. It must be said that much Mead was consumed by our Odinist brethren, as well as a fair amount of Port, Guinness and tea! Shanea spoilt us rotten with her wondrous cooking as usual and we all enjoyed each others company far too much, the time simply flew by!

As per usual when spending time with fellow like minded creative peeps, photoshoots took place, we managed a fair few in no more than a couple of hours, mainly satire as you'd come to expect from us!

So without further adieu, here's some of the pics we did (the rest are being sorted by the respective creative photographers and capturers of images as I type!)

Photo heavy, first couple Not Safe For Work!!!Collapse )

Well, that lot should keep you entertained for a bit anyhoo! ;o) I'm gonna bugger off to Morrisons, there be some mead that needs collecting for Yule down south!!! After that, prezzy wrapping, (just a couple more to make and I'm done! Yippeeee!!!) sorting out my roots, then once Chel_Logan 's home from work - Mince Pie baking!!! *Nom-nom-nom!*

Merry Yule one and all!!!

A Yule card to all my friends, it's under a cut as it's a bit cheeky and your boss (or your Mum!) mightn't approve! lol!

Featuring chel_logan  (aka, Ravensblood, Essence) and myself, Photography and styling by Harpy_Images!
All Members of ^V^ Team Marmite! ^V^™

Something from nearly 2 years ago...

assisted posted this up the other day - so I've pinched it - it's a video from after my first shoot with her back in January 2007, she did my hair and make up, made me look really trad goth me-thinks! *Hand-Staple-Forehead!* lol!

Anyway, a bit of silly fun! Enjoy! :o)

Hammer - Nail - Head!

Well, well, well, what d'ya know! ;o)

You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

A way with words...

I will seek and find you

I shall take you to bed and have my way with you 

I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan.

I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop.

I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you..

And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days.

All my love,


Okay people, enough is enough, I like my friend lestacia1982  an awful lot, but there are limits! Would everyone PLEASE STOP confusing our bottoms?!!! I've received an awful lot of comments of late from photographers and models who have recently met me for the first time, all of them thinking that the person under the table in this picture is Charlie, it's not! It's ME!!!

There&apos;s a good boy!

Anyone who's seen both Charlie's bottom and my own will instantly realise that MY bum's bigger!!!  LOL!!!!   ;o)

In case you're in need of further evidence, here's the original LJ entry with pics from over a year ago! *Sheeeeesh!*

Righty-ho, been a busy bee as per usual, been up to all kinds of nonsense over the last few weeks, plenty of shoots done and my chel_logan has been busy gigging with Anoxia recently. The last gig was awesome - even if the management at the venue haven't a clue! Seriously I could run it better! lol! Andy and Jayne managed to come along to the gig too - was really nice of them to come, they seemed to enjoy themselves as much as I did, so all was awesome!

What happened next! Inc a piccy of happy peeps!Collapse )
Well, must go off out for a walk me-thinks, could do with stretching my pins! I'm starting to get some more of my specialised work back from photographers now, so I can give you all an exciting update soon! Yay!</div>

La Rouge Boudoir

Just spent a lovely couple of days with good friend and 'big sister' Liz, aka Lucifera -The Infernal Goddess!

Been very busy - as to be expected from a Creative Melting Pot - and have hardly stopped since taking our 'rest day' *Chortle* at my parents... (still been shooting like loons!) Luckily Chel [info]r_a_v_e_nsblood has had a few mins spare and kindly edited a few pics for me to tantelise your tastebuds with!
I give you 'La Rouge boudoir!'



As always, my full portfolio can be seen here

Writer's Block: The Best Invention

Well, I would say sliced bread...

But it's not all it's cut up to be!..


Procrastinating Prostates

I've been to and from the south twice in the last week, not just for workings and the like - but also to make a much needed trip to see my family. My Grandad has been suffering with a dodgy prostrate for a while (same goes for my Dad...) the situation had gotten so bad the hospital took him in to operate on it. While under the knife the surgeon found there were problems with his bladder too - which they've tried to amend, and have left his prostate where it is for the time being. If I remember correctly, they've taken a sample for biopsy.

The surgeon had hoped that the bladder fixerupper would do the trick, Grandad however doubts this highly as is still having the same troubles in that department. It is with all possibility that he will need to go under the knife again to have his prostate fully removed.

I've already lost a couple of family members to prostate cancer, I don't want to add anyone else I know and love to that list.

Guys, for the sake of those you love, if you've got some kind of trouble 'down there' and you've been putting off going to your GP because you're embarrassed, please don't hold off any longer! Procrastinating over your Prostate does nothing to help you or your family in the long run, it's better to check and be given the all clear, then to think "If I ignore it, it'll go away" it doesn't!

Prostate cancer is as big a killer of men as breast cancer is a killer of women, yet we hardly hear anything about it and too many people are not aware of this horrible disease!

Here's a very useful link for more info on Prostate Cancer

The broken Lady Godiver...

The other month while daaahhhn  saahhhfend visiting family and friends I found that my play mate Shelly had come a bit of a croppa! She'd been riding bareback and nekkid for a photoshoot, acting out the story of Lady Godiver, unfortunately the tog's horse was not in the mood for cantering in circles, so bolted off. As he'd been groomed to a shine and Shelly no doubt had been waxed (a few days in between shaving her legs *might* have given her a little bit of grip...) ;o) Shelly was promptly decked, and landed on her cute little bum. Funny? Yes of course, but very painful! :o(

Having been air lifted to hospital - Shelly soon found that she'd broken her Sacrum!!! Yeouch!!!

As she wanted to take the mick out of the tog who organised that shoot Shelly enlisted Matt and myself.... This is the end result!!! ;o)

You can see the rest of the set here.

Nom-nom-nom, braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!!!

I found this after doing a kiddy beat-em-up quiz on demondaz  's lj!


So come on then, how 'ard are ya?!!!! ;o)

Food glorious food!!!

Well, last night I cooked two damn fine rib-eye steaks - while Chel r_a_v_e_nsblood copped veg quick-sharp and roasted them for me (Damn that man is quick with his knives!!!) It was the first steak I've ever cooked, and it was damn scrummy even if I do say so myself! *Nom-nom-nom!*

I thought that we might have some objections from our vegetarian house mates - but they actually admitted to liking the smell of our rare, tender, juicy, succulent steaks! (Am I making you drool yet?!!!) ;oP

I've noooooooooo idea what we're gonna have for tea tonight, I'm not *that* hungry, it's too hot at the mo, I just want to keep drinking fresh fruit juice! Ha!

In other news:
Our Landlord is finally getting the bathrooms refurbished, all the new stuff is piling up in the front room ready to be installed, it all looks rather nice and in keeping with this old Victorian Town House, very complimentary! I just hope the plumber (who apparently acts just like Alan Rickman) doesn't make a hash of it, or I'll be the one 'testing out my Spanish Steel' (Did you see what I did there???)

Aha! That be the front door - the Raven has flown home, time for dinner and much merriment!

G'night peeps! ;o)

A review of the year so far...

Well, well, well, this has been a somewhat eventful year has it not? Having just glanced over my l-j since January, I see that I've had some losses in the last few months, but the positive gains in my life far out way all that has happened negatively! I'm a happier more confident person, I look forward to what each new day brings! Life is mine for the living, and that's exactly what I intend to do! The fact that I have a wonderful Soul mate to share the journey with is a bonus!

I cast aside my past - I no longer let it hold me back or intimidate me. There are people and events that I no longer have to deal with or worry about, for that I am grateful!

Long live happiness, and I wish with all sincerity that whomever reads this journal will also have a happy and fulfilling life! :o)

Renanissance Of Bias - Update!!!

First confirmed screening of 'RENAISSANCE OF BIAS' will be at the...

 International Third Annual Think Short Film Festival in New York City 15/09/08!!!

To say Chel r_a_v_e_nsblood and I are chuffed is a bit of an understatement!!!

Go Team Marmite!!!

Renaissance of Bias! By Nicolas Laborie!

In case you haven't seen the entry back in March, Chel and I were cast in a short film, a 'Video Art'  (A new art concept for the 'Multi Media Age').  Read the Artists Write up on the film here, as well as to see the teaser trailer.

In other news!!!

I completed my Reiki 2 on Saturday 28th June, so I'm now a qualified Reiki Healer!!! (Been whizzing around a lot of late and forgot to update you all!!!)

Just gotta sort out my registration with the Reiki Federation and my insurance and off I go! :o)

Tonight I'm packing again for another road trip, Chel r_a_v_e_nsblood and I are due in London for tomorrow for an interview about the short film we took part in. The film will be shown at art festivals all around the world! (More details on that when I get confirmation of screenings etc.)

Soooooo, we'll be back in a couple of days, got some other stuff to do in Eastbourne too! ;o)

Writer's Block: Home is...

Where do you call home?
is by my side.

I love you so much Chel, the last few days have been torture without you! Work is work, and I've done what I needed to do, now is time for fun, relaxation and time with the family!

Fetish Shoot York!!!

The other day I worked with a delightful young man called Andy, we worked together on his first fetish shoot, a big step for him as this is somewhat 'out of his box' as he was leaving his glamour comfort zone for the scary style of 'Fetish In Public'

Yes, Fetish in one of the busiest tourist attraction City's in the UK!

We got a few odd looks, and frightened a few old ladies, all in the name of art and fashion, I loved every minute of it!!!

We even made a little boy's day, he was out on a school trip with his unsuspecting class and teachers when he spied and said aloud 'Isn't that Harley Quinn?!'

I replied and waved saying "Sure is Puddin', say, have you seen Mr J anywheres?!"

The look on the boys face was classic! I wish *I* had a camera to hand! lol!

Here's a link to Andy's myspazz
And to his set of our work: Fetish!

Keep your eye's pealed as Andy is still updating this set!!!

Darkest Wishes,

Druidess Of Midian

Happy customers!

Having taken another paid shoot the other day (yes, I'm in the realm of the self employed now! :o) ) and with the help of r_a_v_e_nsblood giving a mini guided tour of Old York, the photographer Giles Farrington seemed very pleased with the work we created. As always I asked him to let me know how the pics come out so that I know whether my customer is happy or no (so far I've not had the latter) and ask for any feedback etc.

Giles sent me the link to his flickr - he's that happy with the set that he went straight home and edited a few of the pics!

Here's what he's done so far...

Head Shot


Snickle Way


Looks like he's happy then!  :o)

Waterhouse Sirens - Goth Indulgence

As the title and my last less then cryptic post may suggest, last Weekend as well as zooming off down to London for Chel's ( r_a_v_e_nsblood  ) gig with Anoxia, we had a very interesting and most enjoyable shoot with gothindulgence  playing out scenes inspired by one of John Waterhouse's paintings 'The Siren'

After having pretty much no sleep once back from the gig - we were rather pooped and worried about looking tired in the pics, luckily the water was deliciously cool and kept us awake! T'was nice once in there and it didn't take long to acclimatise! The force of the water itself was fairly strong, but thankfully there was plenty of hairy moss to keep our feet in place amongst the rocks!

The Seduction

siren_0007 copy

Anoxia Live!!!

*Shameless Plug!!!*

Come see my wicked other half Chel r_a_v_e_nsblood play live with Old School Death Metal Band *Anoxia* this Saturday!!!

***And like the flyer says - its FREE ENTRY!!!***


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